MLMM First Line Friday 2-2-18

The skyscrapers towered reflective against the ruddy clouds.  It was the same view she saw everyday when she left work, but today the reddish clouds caught her eye. The blood moon a few nights before she also interpreted as a sign. “Well then, I guess today’s the day”, she reasoned to herself.

It had been a difficult time, these past months, losing the few people she really cared about. Marie’s job was the usual mundane work, no new editing jobs that excited her. In fact, reading manuscripts these last weeks seemed a bore. Life for Marie was not an exciting one in the first place, but her friends kept her occupied with activities outside of work.

The car accident was the turning point, losing her best friends while she remained unharmed. The police report said it was not her fault, and maybe it wasn’t, but Marie was driving. She glanced up at the clouds again, and made her final decision.

Marie walked into the tallest building next to her office. It had an observation deck she used to enjoy. A few minutes later and she peacefully viewed the clouds as she silently fell.


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