Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 40

“Afternoon tea I presume”, as she brought in the tray dressed in her resplendent blue satin, my favorite. “What a delight on a cloudy day”, I mused, knowing full well she was flirting again. She glided across the room and sat opposite me, flawlessly drifting into her chair, simultaneously placing the tea tray on the table. I had no idea how these feats of grace were accomplished. I never attended the charm schools she was privy to, nor did I want to.

My life was more of the athletic persuasion, similar, but in different ways. I was a superb horsewoman. No doubt that was part of her attraction towards me; complete opposites except for our ability to control our bodies in motion.

This afternoon I had once again accepted her invitation, but this visit, I needed to make myself clear. “I love your selection of teas, dear Charlotte, but I regret having to say I prefer the Earl Grey variety”. I knew the point was made as a perfect rosy pout appeared on her lips.


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