Carrot Ranch FF – Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, Nun?

Why nuns wear black and white? Maybe it’s the notion most of us have about nuns, no middle ground–everything is white or black, good or bad, even white or black hats? I’m just speculating, for I’ve only known one nun in my life.

I met Carol as a lawyer when needing advice with paperwork after my husband died. She also tutored my grandchildren in math, sewing, quilting and knitting.

When we met, an instant friendship blossomed with whirlwinds of conversation where I learned she was kind, intelligent, funny, generous, and been a nun! Then we moved. I miss her.

February 1: Flash Fiction Challenge

7 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch FF – Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief, Nun?

  1. I have never thought about nuns wearing black. It is interesting that I associate black with evil, darkness, bad guys in movies and I associate goodness and good guys with the color white. You’d think they would wear white. lol

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