Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 39

It was only a small box of fruit. It was harmless, but had to be kept secret. She could smell it, the aroma, the deliciousness, even through the heavy closed curtains. She hoped she was the only one.

The disease cost so many lives, including their parents, but she and her brother had survived. The poor who could not afford the precious life saving fruit, were dying at an alarming rate.

She closed the curtains tighter.

75 words – delicious


One thought on “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 39

  1. That is a good opening intro to your work. I imagine the action taking place on a cruise ship in the Atlantic and the prevalent disease at the time was scurvy.

    The captain, crew and all deck hands were succumbing to the ailment. The main character is sitting in her cabin with the door locked listening for the slightest sound that would reveal her advantageous position

    As she is sitting in her cabin enjoy the lemon there is a sound of alarms and people running about frantically on deck outside her door.

    A life threatening situation has arisen unexpectedly as sea and the captain is making an announcement over the public address system:

    “Ladies and gentlemen proceed in an orderly fashion to a life boat station on your deck \women and children will be given first consideration..”

    She proceeds obediently to the life boat area and notices the name of the liner prominently displayed on the life preserver. “Royal Mail Ship Titanic”.

    Margaret (Maggie) Brown found a seat in lifeboat number six and was hopeful that things would work out well.

    This American socialite nicknamed Unsinkable Molly Brown” would have her named placed in the history books for all recorded time.


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