JusJoJan 28 – Knight

I love this Prompt because I’ve dreamed of, experienced, and still have knights in my life. I grew up reading all kinds of books about knights, heroes, knights of the round table, everyday heroes that were knights in disguise and even today, I know a few.

One of the fun things about being a girl, or a lady, in a fantasy, is that you can always be the princess or the queen that wants or needs to be rescued by a knight on a white steed. Even though most women can take care of themselves easily in today’s world, I believe the dream/fantasy is still true for a lot of us.

When I was a girl, the picture above was my dream. Playing all the characters in these books, my sister and I were either the villain or the hero, we didn’t seem to be interested in the in between, ordinary men. Cowboys and Indians? Probably the knight came across like this:

As an adult, those fantasies have come and gone of course, but every now and then I spot one, the secret identity may be hidden, but a knight. I have a few right here in my family, keeping me safe and well. Maybe I’m a princess in real life, my own hidden identity? Why else would I deserve these men in my life?

The picture below represents a man I know who I call my knight, he’s just a bit tarnished, but aren’t we all?

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 28th, 2018

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