The Secret Keeper – 124

Mary made the list, and now the film was “in the can” as they said, and stardom was right around the corner. She couldn’t think of any rhyme or reason why she was chosen over the other women who auditioned. In fact she found herself staring at the beautiful array of hopefuls.

The director didn’t want beautiful, he wanted the rare talent that Mary exhibited. The slightly nervous ingenue impressed him with her innocence. She was exactly right for the role. She was beautiful in an old fashioned, charming sort of way. He expected an award for her performance.

The film was a hit and Mary’s reviews were favorable, especially since she was relatively unknown. She attended the awards ceremony with guarded expectations. This was a good thing because she lost to an older well liked actress. The director was upset but took her aside, promising a starting role in his new project. Mary was excited, disappointed and thrilled all in the same night.

Weekly Writing Challenge #124


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