JusJoJan 12 – Aggravate

Good one, perfectly fitting for my day. Doctors! I tried to find some one liners or a good joke about doctors but they were either very bad or very old. I wasn’t in a joking mood after talking to an appointment setter this morning. Apparently either she didn’t tell the doctor what I needed or he didn’t listen. It was just, come in to see me in two weeks. Don’t doctors call their patients any more? Is the whole system bad or just a few individuals? Are computers responsible so when they’re supposed to be listening when they ask you a question do they automatically type it and not read or comprehend it? I don’t know, but it is very aggravating.



One thought on “JusJoJan 12 – Aggravate

  1. I worked in a doctor’s office for over 18 years and it was back in the day before the computers took over and the insurance companies made the rules. We would have stacks of charts on the doctor’s desks and they would call back the patients themselves or, if it was really simple, ask us to do it. Now it is almost as bad as a retail job. 😦


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