Carrot Ranch FF – They Weren’t Red

She had been in love with him since the age of ten, best friends, spent all their time together, and now as an adult, he was still her best friend.

The time came when she felt she had to tell him she wanted to be more than friends. Being near him caused such passion to arise, her face flushed at his touch. However, he didn’t seem to notice, She asked him to dinner, only this time she dressed provocatively, offering candlelight, soft music, and his favorite dish.

He arrived, awkwardly surprised by her dress, bouquet of only white roses.

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  1. Sometimes that’s the problem with friends forever, especially guys, they just think that they’ll be friends forever, no more than that. Gals, if she’s never had any other guy friends, it’s natural to feel that they should be with each other forever and ever…

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