FFFAW 51 – “Ornaments”

We aren’t just what “they” call ornaments. We are boxed together for approximately ten to eleven months a year and it’s cold and dark in that box. But we all endure this small torture in order to come out for about two months to the light of day and the glow of firelight at night. We sometimes are handled roughly by children or old people, dropping us as they fumble with attaching us to a tree limb. Sometimes that destroys us if we are made of glass, but me and the tree beside me don’t have that problem. We are durable and have been used over and over again.

We look forward to the release, to be able to swing free on a branch of the Christmas tree. And if we are extremely lucky, we get to hang from a real tree and the scent of the fresh tree is heavenly. Even decorating an artificial tree is a sense of freedom for a short time.

I don’t think people realize how grateful we are to be free, seen and admired. And they forget how much we like being able to observe them, especially the children.

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