Watch out for Emergency Vehicles

I don’t understand the laws of the road.  My grandson was driving the firetruck, a long big one, lights flashing, sirens screaming, at a green light. His green.  An older woman turned right in front of him causing him to swerve and hit a curb.  No one was injured. Did she see him?  How could she not?  Did she hear him?  How couldn’t she?  She was obviously not able to drive safely.  You see it all the time. . .

This is what bugs me about driving laws.  People driving drunk can kill a family but they still have their car and license.  Is it their lawyers, the laws, the government?  When are we going to get these laws changed?  My solution is, drive drunk or mentally incapacitated and you not only lose your license, but your vehicle as well.  Maybe that would stop this behavior before more innocents are killed.