MLMM Wordle 182 – Fishnet Fallacy

“I suppose you think your coruscant fishnet stockings should not imply you are what used to be referred to as “fast“? But if they do madam, I would be more than inclined to take that meaning to heart.”

The woman in question was an extravagant match for the newcomer. He had been looking forward to this encounter for weeks. However lenient this establishment, the fact remained there were rules to be followed. The inquisitive man didn’t hold back his intentions, professing again his desire for the lady. As he approached, his hands were exploring her fishnet covered thighs, but there was no response. He seemed puzzled, and moved up to her neck, pulling her close for a kiss.

Unfortunately there was a malfunction in the lady’s programmed response and she pushed the amorous guest into the next room. He quickly got up and demanded to see the manager. “You can’t treat me like this! I paid good money to be with your models here in Pleasure World. You had better fix this glitch and make it fast!”

The manager replied, “We have the right to refuse service to anyone, and Model 8 didn’t care for you.” The disgruntled customer shrugged and approached a Model 4 in the next cubicle.


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