Emotional OMG!

I think this time of year makes me an emotional mess.

Background:  My husband drove a car we purchased in 1994, black Toyota camry.  Worked great, still does.  My first grandson was born that year, the firefighter.  When my husband passed away of esophagus cancer in 2013, I gave the car to my grandson.  When we moved here to Cheyenne was when he started driving it since he was going to college and couldn’t afford car payments. I rarely see this grandson because he lives at the firehouse and constantly busy.

That’s the background. My chauffeur grandson drove us to meet the rest of the family a couple of days ago.  He parked us nose to nose to the black Toyota.  He said, C’s here.  I asked, C?  Is that the black car? He replied yes and as i saw it for the first time in years, I just started crying, looking at that old-missing-paint car that holds so many memories.

See what I mean? Sentimental, emotional mess.



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