MLMM Tale Weaver 149 – Grandparents


I was a lucky child to have both sets of grandparents living with us. I use lucky as a relevant term applied from a child’s point of view. The toll of caring for them in illness purposed on my mother was great, but I think generally we all were grateful having them close.

My sister and I had great respect for our grandparents; however, we were sometimes mischievous in our actions. The attic in our old farmhouse was huge, covering the attached apartment where my dad’s parents lived. We played in the attic probably every day. It was filled with everything to enhance a child’s imagination.One day we were moving things around and discovered a tiny hole in the attic floor, revealing our grandparents’ kitchen below. Being the “adventurous” girls we were, we decided to play a trick on them. We made a spider out of something and attached a long string. When Grammie walked into the kitchen we suddenly dropped the spider through the hole, in front of her. The rational thoughts of scaring an old, feeble woman to cause harm, never occurred to us as we lay there on the attic floor laughing.

The laughing stopped as we were discovered by our mother.


**I tried to find a spider drawing to add above, but since I have a phobia about spiders, I couldn’t spend a lot of time looking for the right one. The less frightening emojis will have to do.


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  1. Great story Miss Rugby, I was lucky to spend a week of my school holidays when I was about 7 with my dad’s mum. She’d have a nap each afternoon and I’d spend that time out in the garden or sitting on the fence as from there I could look across and see the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    Thanks for sharing your grandparent tale with us.

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  2. I only knew one of my grandparents, my mom’s mom, and she did live with us for a while as well. Now I am sorry I never talked to her more about her life and growing up. I’m sure there are a lot of stories I missed out on.

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