The Secret Keeper 117 – Regrets

“You know the saying”, he said, “on a wing and a prayer”? The son nodded. ” That’s how I’ve led my life, and in most ways, it was a great one, especially having you and your brother.”

The son, sitting by his dad’s bedside, started thinking of everything he thought his dad did wrong in his life, only serving himself. He tried to comprehend what his dad meant, if he was trying to apologize. “I’ve lived my life differently than you probably wanted me to, but I have loved you boys more than anything else in my life. Sometimes life is shorter than you expect, the mistakes you make along the way show up all at once, making you realize how you could have been a better father. If you learn anything from mine, it’s that you only rent this space for a while and should try do your best while here. Try not to make the mistakes I did.” His son hesitantly took his dad’s hand.

“It’s okay, dad, it’s okay.”