MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt: A Return to Lucidity

It was a cold frosty morning and I just turned over and went back to sleep.

I suddenly heard a knock, grabbed my robe and answered the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and my hair was a mess, no makeup and I hoped it was just the mailman or UPS.

What a special surprise to find him at the door. We had never seen each other in person, but there he was in my doorway! I had always dreamed of this day; of course then I would have been resplendent in my best outfit, flattering makeup and lovely coiffed hair. But there he was, in the flesh, beautiful sparkling blue eyes, greying beard and of course his jeans and red sneakers.

I was in shock. We had joked about a meeting like this, but I never really thought it would happen. It was a dream of ours, but not feasible since we lived more than three thousand miles apart. And there were other circumstances, but my God, here he was! My hands flew up to straighten my hair just before he grabbed me and kissed me with a passion I had only dreamed of. I hugged him so tight, I never wanted to let go. I wasn’t sure he was real.

Then reality did sink in, when I woke to my buzzing alarm clock.


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