Daily Prompt: Droll

I have decided that the composer of the notice below must be someone with a droll sense of humor, either that or it was designed by an idiot. I rarely visit doctors these days but if I do I receive an email notice to check my online Medicare site. I remember ranting about this a few months ago.πŸ™„ Seriously, every sixty days? With time passing so fast this year I just am grateful I don’t have to visit a doctor often as some people do. Pretty soon you would run out of letters, numbers and symbols – I doubt they accept hieroglyphics? Is it me? (A rhetorical question my family answers “yes” to in unison.)πŸ˜±πŸ™„ Look at the seven rules:

I see the bold error notices and think “Danger, Will Robinson, danger”. . .I know.



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Droll

  1. The struggle is real! There’s nothing worse than trying to change your password and then having to remember a whole new password. I’ve spent more time on with our help desk getting myself unlocked because of these pesky password changes!

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  2. I’d be fine with all of that except for the part about it having to be totally different from my previous six passwords. At least at work I can make a password full of incomprehensible gobbledygook, then just change a number or two in the middle of it every two months. So there’s not much new to remember.

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