Daily Prompt: Honk

Honk if you have problems with spacing and placing photos with WP!

iPad problems with the new editor here or am I the only one? I find it hard to use. Maybe it just takes practice. The problem with that is once you practice enough to get used to anything, it’s changed for a newer version. 😟😱🙄😳


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Honk

  1. I’ve had a problem with the latest app update for iOS 11. I can no longer like or comment on posts that I visit from my reader. I have to go to the web app via Chrome for the iPhone in order to do that. Very annoying.

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  2. Yeah, how many updates this month; already? I only have to turn on the tablet, of the Granny Smith variety and it has a whole passel of updates for apps and system. It’s becoming ridiculous … Great Honk! Cheers Jamie

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