What’s in the Bag?

Over at http://dorkymomdoodles.com/2017/11/13/carrying-all-the-things/ inspired me. I am not including her clever drawings, but photos. I carry a small bag with essentials needed in case I have a leak but this is my big go-to bag in case I’m away from home such as a trip to Denver, etc. This bag used to have more items, if you can believe that! But now I am pretty confident going out so the list I shared at the beginning of blogging (Be like the Boy scouts – Prepared) has shortened.

I’ve always been the grandmother who carried everything from bandaids to snacks, bottled water, you name it, “just in case”. Now those kids have their own backpacks. I still have that gma urge, though, to always have what anyone needs. Missing in the picture are Kleenex, and wipes, staples. The wind here in Cheyenne makes your nose run, and who hasn’t spilled Arby’s sauce on their shirt?

The Bag:

The stuff:

I thought about having a contest (no prizes) to see who could name everything in the bag, but…So just out of curiosity AND I dare you, dump your bag or backpack or briefcase…inquiring minds want to know!😂



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  1. I am one of those people that love to see what others carry in their bags!! It’s like my dirt secret. I’m at the hairdresser presently, but I have pink iPod with buds, copy of watching glass shatter, iPad, Samsung smart phone,target receipt, tissue, sunglasses , regular glasses, (color…can’t wear eyewear) wallet with key ring, key ring with store membership cards and gym I’d, entrance ticket to ny botanic garden, fresh lip balm in rose, 18.45$

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