Share Your World 11-13-17

Howdy Partners! How are y’all out there in blogville? I hope yer havin’ a great day, darn tootin’! Ms. C over in is askin’ them pesky questions agin, so belly up to the bar and set awhile.


1. I don’t usually sit on them thar benches, since I’m always seated anyway…most times I just bide my time in that dadblamed contraption with wheels.

2. Usually I have a candle burnin’ somewhere in the room, so all that other stuff is just fluff. I’m not a big ‘lectricity fan.

3. I wouldn’t mind havin’ ten thousand. I’d spend it on family, as usal.


Well I have to say there’s nothin’ new here, just family, per usal. But they have this new fangled thing called a camera, so here’s a picture that’s took this week.


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