MLMM Wordle 178

She removed her suede gloves, retrieved the box cutter she often used for trimming the roses, and snipped its calyx, and placed it in the drop box she used as a basket.  
Charlene was a bit of a dilettante, not afraid to solicit funds for her favorite charity through a delicate lunch for the patrons.  Her lovely decorated luncheon was a hardly obscure offering to entice her wealthy friends interest in donating to the children’s hospital.  This well deserved bounty was relied upon every year by the hospital administration.
Most patron’s eyes would glisten over hearing another plea for money by the doctors, but Charlene’s beauty and charm, combined with great food instead of the normal institutional chicken at a fund raising dinner,  intrigued business executives. 

They considered their time well spent and might even enjoy a secret whisper from their delightful hostess.  Each single or even married man who attended looked forward to the individual attention they received as Charlene made sure to greet and talk with each of them.
There was no secret plan of espionage involved, Charlene only whispered words of praise and appreciation, never anything lurid or untoward.  She had charm and the knack of enticement and used it well.  The children’s hospital benefitted greatly.