MLMM First Line Friday – The Making of a Psychopath

“He’s terrified of small spaces, didn’t you know?” She carefully pulled Henry out of the cubby hole. It was only a game of hide and seek but the instructor practically forced the six year old into the cubby. He was just trying to help the boy, not realizing he was almost causing a trauma induced fit.

The All County Boys School was not really a school, it was more a positive name for a strictly maintained institution. The boys here were mentally challenged in different ways and unable to live in regular homes. Henry was one of these boys. At birth he was abandoned and left to foster homes. That may sound better to you than living in an orphanage, but that is not the case for this boy. He was probably neglected, possibly one of the sad cases we rarely hear about, not being nurtured or held or loved, left to cry endlessly. The results of this type of neglect have been documented, showing psychopathic behavior patterns and ending up with the child being institutionalized.  

Henry’s case was much like this. He was initially fostered by a possibly well intentioned busy family and then when his behavior became uncontrollable they abandoned him to a state facility. Then two years later they took him into their home again, this time for another two year period. His behavior deteriorated. After they discontinued their fostership, Henry was put into another home during the two years between the original foster parents and ended up being adopted by them after the second foster failure. This loving family suffered the consequences of Henry’s past.

Presently, Henry is in seventh grade, but chooses to not manage his behavior enough to remain in a public setting. The regulations, laws and efforts of public or private facilities have not remedied his behavior over the years. The mostly helpful efforts of his family, school, teachers, doctors, therapists, all have yielded no positive results. He is a dangerous individual, cunning, charming, and will do or say anything to get by and get what he thinks he wants or needs. He is now in a mental health facility for an undetermined time. My mind wanders into the realm of Ted Bundy when I picture him.