The Secret Keeper 114 – Verbiage

When I read the news every morning or it pops up as an alert on my phone or iPad, announcing another sad evil doing by someone, I am able to reach out to find a cure.  I am one of the lucky ones who in times of depression, can catch a break by relying on my family or friends.  We have the most important thing in common, love of each other and our fellow man.  

I know I am privileged in this respect.  I listen or read about other people and their constant struggles, and of course we all have them to a certain degree, but not everyone has the basic necessities to fight back.  Shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, are the basics of survival.  Bold government officials who’ve never experienced these needs and never will know what it’s like to feel hungry or cold with no hope for change, seem to think they are capable of making decisions for the throng of “the unfortunate”.  

“The unfortunate” is really a catchphrase that is used daily.  It’s like “our thoughts and prayers”.  These two phrases may mean well–I’m not saying they aren’t well intentioned, but what do they really say?  The first is grouping a poverty stricken people for reasons no one really cares to hear about, to a phrase which possibly enables them to feel good that they said it, but really does nothing to change the situation.  

The possibility of ending poverty and hunger is not going to come in my lifetime or my kids’ or even their kids’ time.  But we are alive and capable today, to try, just try in little ways, to be better and do something besides repeating well used phrases.

Weekly Writing Prompt #114

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  1. I appalled when I hear, over and over again with each mass shooting, that people are sending out their “thoughts and prayers,” as if that is an acceptable substitute for taking some definitive action that will make access to assault rifles more difficult.

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