Movie Monday – The Horse Whisperer

I read this book years ago.  I’ll be honest, I was drawn to it by its cover while waiting in line at a store.  Please note it is written by Nicholas Evans, not Nicholas Sparks.  My personal opinion is there is no comparison.  Even though this is movie Monday, I would recommend reading the book first.  I had a difficult time finding a suitable trailer for the movie.  This one is the best I could find, even though it seems to promote the romance instead of the horse’s story.

“The Horse Whisperer is a 1995 novel by English author Nicholas Evans. The book was his debut novel, and gained significant success, becoming the 10th best selling novel in the United States in 1995, selling over 15 million copies.” Wikipedia

“When teenage Grace (Scarlett Johansson) is traumatized by a riding accident that badly injures her horse, her mother Annie (Kristin Scott Thomas), a high-powered New York magazine editor, realizes Grace will only recover once the horse is healed. She takes them both to a secluded Montana ranch, where legendary “horse whisperer” Tom Booker (Robert Redford) begins to heal the horse, and also stirs long-dormant feelings in Annie that lead her to question her marriage and choice of career.
Release date: May 15, 1998 (USA)” Google


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    1. It was what I call a page turner, but I was an avid reader back then. A few book covers panned out with a story that befitted the cover. Another one was “Never Cry Wolf” by Farley Mowat, later also made into a film. I love wolves, of course.

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  1. I read this as a very young teenager and it ruined my innocence, and honestly I regret it. Just thinking about it makes me shiver in disgust. I was not ready for it, but it was in the bookshelf and there was nothing else to read. Ah, childhood. I am sure it was a good book, the visuals of the ranch, the farmhouse and the horse rides still stick with me all these years later, so I assume the author used vibrant writing.


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