Cheyenne’s High Winds – November 1, 2017 


I decided to participate in Nano Poblano, a commitment to blog everyday during November, which is easy for a big mouth like me.  If you want to join, check out: #NanoPoblano 2017 or

It is warm today, but high winds – 60-70mph, blowing all the bits of everything all around the parking lot.  I am extremely privileged (not) to have a bedroom window on the parking lot of our complex.  Last night I had just gotten into bed when something big crashed against the window and then rattled off into the lot.  I did not get up to check what it was. . .Since the trash had been picked up already I fear it was someone’s potted plant or lawn–there is no lawn here–chair.  My grandson is a firefighter EMT and reported three rollover accidents yesterday before noon.  People do not take these winds seriously.  We have numerous high profile trucks going through on I80 here and it’s very dangerous.  Check out Nano Poblano, a fun way to blog for November.


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