Daily Prompt:  Ghoulish

“What is this fare?” he angrily said

“Have ye finally lost yer head?”

He was spying the dinner with dread

Luckily, he also had bread!

“Woman, are ye trying to poison me?”

Surprised as he saw her expression of glee

Then she quickly turned with a “hee, hee, hee”

“Oh no my master, it’s a treat for thee”

“Would ye be wantin’ yer cider tea?”

“Tea, tea, what about my meal?”

She curtsied and left as his fate was sealed.

He sat down to eat and had his fill

Unknowing it would make him ill

”Twas not that bad, noodles and meat”

He announced and took his seat

By the fire, his usual repose

Every evening it’s what he chose.

Knowing this, she finished her plans

Cleaned up the evidence in the pans

Revenge was sweet after his cruelties

Swept the floor, did her usual duties

He started snoring as every night

Then started to choke, but she didn’t fright

It was finally his time and her ghoulish plan

Ridded her of this horrible man.



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