SYW  – 10-16-17

I pretty much “shared” already with my noise complaint post, but here are my answers to‘s questions on this warm-62F October day.  Thanks again, Cee!

1.  If I moved to another country, it would probably be in the UK.  I am fascinated with this area.  If things don’t change in leadership here shortly, I might consider it more seriously–nah, America is my home.

2.  My walls are white in my bedroom simply because I can’t paint them.  My bedding is pink.  Since my husband passed away, I have entertained many colors besides his staunch favorite–brown!

3.  I am easily a happy person.  After my last couple of (I am irritated) posts, you may not think that, but I am. 

What makes me happy list:

1. My three grown children, their children–being in their presence, makes me the most happy of anything I could imagine. 
2.  A warm soothing cup of coffee in the morning.
3.  Being able to read and write in silence.
4.  A hot fudge sundae.
5.  A call or note from my sisters.  
6.  Being in the forest, by a lake, listening to nature, ahhhh.
7.  Envisioning my dream of living in a cabin with ^^number six ^^about me.
8.  Hot buttered popcorn at a good movie theater with a very good movie.
9.  Getting into a freshly laundered bed.
10.  Hearing from old and new friends.

Only ten, there are more…

Inspiration for me this week was my 11 year old granddaughter.  Her determination, strength, and ability are amazing.  She’s also loving, lovable and kind…I could go on but will save for another time.  💓💗

Share Your World – October 16, 2017


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    1. I screen shot it and then go to my photos section and edit. If you have a phone with a camera you could probably do the same thing? You would need the photo app and WP app on your phone. Or you could send it from your phone to your computer by email and save to your computer photos. I think!?

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    2. Yes. You just click on select then the send box with arrow? You can choose email, FB, etc.Choose the WP icon. You have to have the WP app on the iPad though. It used to be automatic. Now I have to send them one at a time for some reason. A box will come up asking if you want to publish, click, then choose draft and it will send it to your WP media. I like the photo edit choices on ipad but I’m sure you’re used to all that being a photographer.

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