The Secret Keeper – A Wonder Woman?

Ever since she could remember, she tried to be a “goodchild.  Always obeying the rules, or trying to; she was a curious girl with a big imagination.  She was perfectly happy going on small outings, making a bow and arrow out of a twig or bush.  Growing up in a 200 acre country paradise, her adventures were enabled by a many faceted land.  She could be Robin Hood, or Maid Marion, Sir Lancelot, or Guinevere, Naploeon, or Josephine.

She read a lot of books and imagined a hero’s life. Comic books were easily purchased then and Wonder Woman was her favorite female hero.  The idea of not being perceived as a manly hero never occurred to her.  Either hero or heroine, she was in awe.  Those heroes, either from the cowboy or detective radio broadcasts, or a snow filled television’s Lone Ranger, were very influential, eventually shaping her naive mind into a dream.  The dream was to what most girls in those days thought of as a perfect life, going to school and marrying your hero.

The idea of a knight in shining armor to whisk her away was prevalent, proposed by her parents and that time’s current media, harboring this concept in her mind.  Over time, hearing and subconsciously absorbing this concept, the idea of being a hero herself dispelled, changing into finding the right man to complete her picture.    

Of course she did marry at a too early age, without the benefit of experience but a mature attitude.  She faired well for quite a few years, until the reality began disappointing her earlier fantastical dreams.  Undaunted, she tried to become the perfect wife and mother, housekeeper, volunteer, all the expected routines fulfilled.  She didn’t know that reality was much more harsh as it came to light, and that her unrealized dreams would not come to fruition.  She never gave up trying to make the fantasies of childhood become real.

Note:  In today’s world, I believe children are raised with less dreams and possibly too much reality.  Who is to say if the pendulum has swung too far in another direction, certainly not me.  If the world and parents were perfect?  You decide.

Weekly Writing Prompt #111


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