SYW – October 9, 2017

Good morning snow on this Columbus Day celebrated, not actual, which brings me to a point of contention.  Why are dates changed willynilly to afford a Monday-day-off?  I guess I’m old school, but changing traditional holidays to fit a work schedule irritates. 
It’s time to answer‘s questions again, and I wish more people would participate so we get to know you better!  Thank you, Cee!  Here is a copy of her post today:

My answers are:

1.  The most perfect food for me in every respect is vegetables.  I absolutely love fruit also, but for my well being, veggies is the choice.  Comfort food I grew up with such as macaroni and cheese, beef stew, chicken and dumplings, all are delicious, but now it’s just me, I try to eat mostly vegetables, with an occasional frenchfry thrown in, but hey, potatoes are vegetables too!

2.  I usually focus on today, because I’m old!  Give me a break!  Seriously, the future for my children and grandchildren is of great concern to me, as are the people and planet we live on.

3.  I would interview John Hazelbaker who came to this country with the British to fight in the Revolutionary War.

This week I was inspired again, by my oldest son who never ceases to amaze me by the vast amount of knowledge he has.  We used to call him the walking encyclopedia.  He turned fifty this year; he is married to a wonderful woman and they have a five year old daughter.

This week I’m hoping the snow leaves and we have a few more autumn days.  However in the seventies it always snowed on Halloween dispelling the kids hopes of not having to cover their costume with a heavy coat.  All the work put into great costumes and then it would turn cold and snow on the big trick or treat night.

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