Sunday Photo Fiction – Fake Fossil

They knew they shouldn’t be in this part of the museum. Joe and Frank always loved seeking out places that were off the beaten path and sneaking into the back rooms of the museum was intriguing. The rest of the school tour was busy listening to the lecture from the curator on the latest acquisition, a mummy.  

Most of the children were oblivious to the history of Egypt and half heartedly lent an ear to the long winded authority. If the mummy wasn’t covered in old strips of linen chasing someone on Halloween night, they were disinterested.

Frank and Joe on the other hand, wanted to see the real thing instead of only the sarcophagus. Entering the back room with a posted sign, “Employees Only”, they found what they were looking for. It looked fairly innocent and they exchanged expressions of disappointment. Not to be deterred, they inspected it more closely. “This is fake! Joe laughed. “It’s only a plaster model!”

“Yeah” Frank replied, “what a ripoff!” The two boys tried lifting it up since it might be just a cover for a real mummy. The mold broke, crashed on the floor, revealing a plastic dummy. “Yeah, ripoff!” Joe answered.