Fandango’s Dog Days?

August 1 is the birthday of one of my oldest friends who still lives in Vermont. She is retired now but all through our lives I have admired her. We met at the ripe old age of three and she always reminded me she was a month and eight days older than me and of course acted the part. I of course had to remind her of that sentence when we turned 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70!😄 Time passes fast.

I haven’t made the trip back east since my father’s funeral in 1996, so have not seen her. She became a widow long before her sister and I did, but the three of us have always been close. I often think I should make a trip to VT while all of us still live, but circumstances aren’t conducive to my traveling.

So, here’s to you, Cricket! Happy Birthday!❤️


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