MLMM Photo Challenge 183 – Superiority

“Just me and Charlie here, looking out the window.  It’s a bit rainy today so our mistress won’t let us outside.  I guess wet cat fur offends her sense of smell.  Of course Charlie and I endure the perfumes and lotions, fabric softener on our blankets, and litter box deodorizer, but she doesn’t think of our noses.  Human noses have only 1.25 percent of cats’ sense of smell.  Our nose prints have the same unique patterns as human fingerprints. Our hearing is one octave higher than a dog! I wish mistress would research a few facts about me and Charlie.  After all, were not just beautiful creatures, we’re superior to humans in every sense!”

“Come on Charlie, let’s see if the old woman will let us outdoors now the sun’s out.  You know Charlie?  You’re being extra quiet today.  Let’s go find a mouse to play with!”


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