Daily Prompt:  Fashionable

A deep v neckline

Cut to the waist

Barely covers

In good taste?

Ripped up jeans 

Holes lay bare

What is that 

Sticking out there?

Mini this, mini that

Need to show 

Your latest tatt

Dress or skirts

Below the knee? au contraire –

Hardly below the derrière!

I know you think it’s appeasing

Show your “beauty”

Not always pleasing, 

Modesty is not the norm

Anything goes to show your form.

Times are changing 

As they always do

Just wait a while

These thoughts prove true


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Fashionable

  1. so perfectly said…love this …
    I mean now the gurls are wearing see thru shirts with no bras…guys underwear showing…
    my dad is a construction,painter,drywall…etc and his jeans have holes in them I told him he is in style…lolol.. I wear the ones that he don’t wear around the house here lolol so I guess I am in style but for free lol…I seen some of the prices for those jeans with holes and hell no…lol

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