MLMM Tale Weaver 139 – Rejection

We all feel rejected at times. The following is an example of different types of rejection. 

It could be something small such as offering to help plan the school sale, they instead asking would you like to be on the cleanup committee?

You could come home from work with news of a promotion and no one paid attention to your excitement.

You could be a child on the playground rejected when groups gathered and they did not ask you to join?

Or the time all the guys in the office went to lunch without you.

The time you made a big dinner and everyone sat on their cell phones instead of conversing.

A time when you asked someone on a date and they said no.

These are just everyday occurrences that make anyone feel rejected whether intended or not. Even a look, discarded smile, turning a back, these are small forms of rejection. To an unsure or insecure person these acts can be devastating.

Whoever feels rejection, whether intentional or not, it just plain hurts. Most of us have experienced it at least once and hopefully we survived and are stronger for it.