Daily Prompt:  Interest

I have an interest. I am interested in a new diet. I don’t care if it makes you lose weight, gain weight or any of that. All I want is a new universal diet menu that will ensure I will be positive. Anyone know what that is? What should I put on a list to shop for because clearly I have none of it in my home now.

I’ve been on different weight loss diets in my life, sugar free, salt free, etc, I’ve tried them all. When I stopped that runaround, I lost weight. Now I’m perplexed. I’m a positive person with a good outlook. I have a big sense of humor and try to keep that in the forefront through everything. But it’s dwindling! Is it age, circumstances, our new politico, or the fact that war and violence is an everyday, almost accepted and even expected occurrence?  

I am upset, discouraged, angry, disappointed, frustrated and feel helpless. 

Now I need to put myself on a diet that cures that. I’ve even thought of moving out of the country to some place that provides all the positive things I need. Where would that be? I’ve looked it up, no answer.

Where can I find the ingredients for this diet? And will being positive change anything? Will I end up being the super new deluxe model in a few short weeks?



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Interest

  1. What can I say. One day at a time. The older I get, the more I see old friends and relatives either pass or come down with some dreaded disease that will cause problems other than those associated with the normal wear and tear of old age. But, the everyday problems we put up with in our daily lives seem so minute when compared to what others in the world are going through today. When I think of that, my troubles be they diet, lack of exercise, can’t get my computer to do all I want it to do, yada yada yada – seem so insignificant that all I look forward to is taking this life I have and living it …………..one day at a time. That is about all any of us can do today. Baby steps. When we wake up each morning – be thankful for being given another day – and do what we can to make it the best day of our lives. Not too sure being positive each and every day is the answer to everyone’s problems but I do know – leastways in my case – being positive is so much better and I feel much better about myself and those around me than when I am in a negative mood. Sorry – didn’t mean to ramble on and on. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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  2. Great post It doesn’t matter where you live. There are happy people everywhere she there are miserable people everywhere. Thankfulness for what we do have and what is working is an ingredient needed in copious amounts. Reaching out to help those less fortunate than we are blessed them and us. I find I can depend on my faith as a rock to ground and protect me when the world has gone crazy. Reminds me of Jesus words “in this world you will have trouble, but do not be afraid, I have overcome the world.” I’ve found I can take that to the bank. Hang in there.

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