SoCS September 30, 2017

Consciousness is not alive and well here in Cheyenne.  I have been a day ahead of myself all week!  I really thought today was October 1st!  Oh well…..when bills are due on the first I do write checks early to arrive on time.  The mail is increasingly slower these days.  I might add inefficient, as far as delivery is concerned.  I am expecting a package and the knock came yesterday morning.

It takes a minute to get into the chair and roll to the door and I shout, “I’m coming”.  I have a note stating that on my door so hopefully they just leave packages and they don’t have to wait.  Since I was expecting something, dragged it in, opened it up and found a big plastic bag containing an “Elvira” costume.😂  I searched for a packing slip, chuckling, but curious to know which kid in the family was pulling a joke on me.  Turning the box over, I discovered the pkg was for my upstairs neighbor. 

I’ve never dressed in costume for Halloween, but hey, I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, either.😂I don’t do stairs, wish I could, but that’s another matter.  Luckily my daughter came to drop off something and carried it up to the proper address. 

Happy Saturday everyone.  Are any of you lucky enough to have a new puppy residing above you? A new sound in the dark before dawn.  I’m sure he’ll be up every morning before the morning dew.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS September 30-17

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