Daily Prompt:  Irrelevant

Saturday morning here. Woken up at four as usual by upstairs neighbor activity. It’s useless to be upset, they aren’t to blame for their work schedules or crappy insulation in the walls, it’s just how it is. The problem is, your brain wakes up and starts thinking all kinds of things even though you want to just rest.

After everyone leaves, including the two hours later trash truck pick up, I fell back to sleep, hard. I had a horrible nightmare and woke up crying. It was eight-thirty. I couldn’t shake the feeling of the dream that my family member was hurt. I texted them for reassurance and all was fine. It’s an hour later and I still have the sad, eerie feeling.

Coffee is usually warm and soothing on a cool morning like today, but it isn’t working. Writing and reading isn’t helping. Thinking of the absolutely stunning rainbow we saw yesterday afternoon isn’t helping. What’s up with this?  
My thoughts are irrelevant to my family’s activities today. They will all be safe and carry on as usual. I’m going to turn on the tv and find a funny movie to watch 🙄😳🤔.



22 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Irrelevant

  1. I love you Cheryl ❤️ I love your humour and the way you look at things, you never cease to make me smile 😃 You need your sleep 😴I too was up in the night so this afternoon I went back to bed for an hour. Deep sleep often gives us vivid disturbing dreams. Let it go and relax. 🌹

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    1. I’ve had a Pinterest account for years, used to like it a lot. I just hot the pic I posted today of Elizabeth from my site. But as I was looking through my pics which are supposed to be in private mode, I have all these interruptions by Pinterest saying, you might like this or that, interrupting my own picture collection. Irritating! I guess I am just plain irritated today in general.

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