FFFPP – 36 – Oh, Uber!

You would expect it in a big city, all the hurried traffic. Trying to get a taxi in such a fast paced environment is a chore. Of course there’s Uber now, so more transportation is available, but hailing a cab is my daily pain in the neck.

Today my meeting is across town and I’m supposed to be there early to meet the new vendor. Of course I’m running late, spilled coffee on my good suit and it is going downhill from there. I changed into my shabby chic sweater and jeans and hoped my boss wouldn’t be at the meet.

Where are the taxis? I fumble around for my cell and find a number to call Uber. A friendly sounding woman answers. She took my address and promised the car would pick me up in ten minutes.  

A car pulls up and a rather tall, buxom woman got out and came over to me. “Are you the guy waiting for Uber? ” She opened the front passenger door and practically shoved me inside. Eyeing me from the driver’s seat, she put her hand on my thigh, saying, “I’ll take you anytime. . .uh. . .I mean anywhere you want to go, honey.”