MLMM Saturday Mix – Beginning and End

The beginning was a brief exchange of wit between two lonely people who had no idea the significance of that meeting.  Not really knowing the other person, but curious to meet again, they did so.  The brief comic conversations became long talks and the personalities fit well together.  

Each one needed a vacant spot in their heart filled and when they found each other, were amazed at their developing connection that blossomed into love–not a love of friends but of soulmates. The relationship grew into a mutual obsession, each looking forward to the next meeting.

The end, if you could name it as such, came after circumstances of reality came hovering.  It tainted their affection and they grew suspicious of each other’s motives, as if a motive was even involved.  The beginning was similar to all first real love, unrealistic and incomplete.  The end–would their ever be an end?  What great love ever comes to an end?


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