Musings from an Old Woman

You notice I said woman, not old lady, because I was certainly feeling like a woman a few minutes ago!  Now this is for ladies only:
I opened the living room blinds and saw a man across the way on his patio.  Not unusual but this man was young, not the older man who observes me while I’m waiting for a bus pickup.  Not unusual, but this man came out wearing a white tshirt, jeans and lit a cigarette.  He glanced over and that was it.  Now I know smoking causes cancer, imagine you’re scolding me right now with your tsk, tsk,…..but wait, there’s more…ladies, it must be my age when smoking was allowed, or the sexy men who advertised it, I don’t know, but this vision was just let’s say, invigorating?  Reminded me of Blanche (Golden Girls) reading a novel and Rose’s response:

Should I own up to this?  Oh why not!

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