Two  Proud of Myself badge presentations!

Wow, the old badge is still standing in my media section and this day I have two new recipients for him to honor:  Don over at and Suze over at

Don has just been in the hospital and actually survived the stay and the food!  I always thought the beds were the worst of it!  But welcome back, and glad you’re feeling okay now.  Don is a southerner, former teacher and coach, and writes interesting stories about his experiences.  His post – Play Ball, Chuck – is one of my favorites.  I look forward to his posts every week.

Suze is a lady you need to meet if you’re not one of her followers yet.  She is a midwestern tough lady whose sense of humor will bring you to tears – uh, that didn’t come out exactly right?  She’s outspoken and knows how to use tool box contents, but don’t let that scare you. A recent post – Overcome – made me realize how special a woman she is.

Both of these people have been through it and still have that sense of humor and compassion I admire.  If you’re looking for inspiration for the day, read them.


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