Picture Prompt 253 – Isolation

Jamie had loved this old house for many years.  It was where he grew up, the opposite of where he is now.  Reminiscing,  he felt the cold isolation of winter months from his childhood.  He and his sisters were homeschooled because of the location.  It was that choice or living out the winter with relatives in town.  He was glad of his mother’s decision, and in early years he looked forward to winter.

Living in an urban area now, he could look back on this home and remember the good times, but as a teenager he did feel isolated.  He felt lonely for the companionship of his peers and the activities they were doing.  As the years passed, the frigid winters seemed to abate and traveling to high school classes grew easier.

Jamie gave a last sympathetic look at the old house, now empty of family activity.  The air was dry and cold, and reflected the feel of this once familiar scene.



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