SoCS September 9, 2017

Thanks, Linda for this Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Motive

I sometimes wonder what the motive is for bullying.  Because you’ve been bullied yourself?  I would think that would be the least reason, but after reading reports, typing reports for others who’ve studied the way the worst traits in people seem to perpetuate through generations, I realize it may not be “cured”.  Abuse in different forms is likely repeated from parent to child, over and over, a form of mental illness which we don’t talk about.  Motives for any type of abuse to another human being is there, we just choose not to see it or learn about it, therefore it remains untreated.


Good luck and be safe, all those involved in suffering through or helping others in these weather disasters.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 9/17


3 thoughts on “SoCS September 9, 2017

  1. Jami Carder

    I had a period of my childhood where I bullied other children. I never knew why I was doing it at the time, and it made me feel awful, yet in control at the same time. As an adult, it’s been easy to figure out why I acted that way. I had suffered significant trauma as a child, and never received therapyโ€ฆ It had to come out somewhere.

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