Daily Prompt:  Overcome

Just when you think your life’s humdrum

A task occurs you need to overcome

Today it was cleaning

By that I’m meaning, 

Dust, vacuum and mop

Am I boring you? Okay I’ll stop.

Aha, fooled you didn’t I?

My birthday today, sigh…

Family’s coming I was informed

Gathering at my place is the norm

For celebrations, I like it that way

Not navigating the fam’s stairway.

Calls and texts have arrived

Probably surprised that I’m still alive

Of course they all mean well

I sound ungrateful? That’s just swell!

Fighting the vacuum cord that gets caught in my wheels

Voicing my temper is not the ideal

Living alone, it’s one of the  advantages –

Saying loud unrepeatable adages

Looking forward to the family fete

And don’t forget there’ll be ice cream and cake.

Some elaborate cakes I saw:


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Overcome

  1. Happy birthday to you, so your birthday is now in your part of the world, mine is today also in NZ Sunday the 10 September, so we are both celebrating our birthday at the same time, all though your birthday comes before mine.
    Hope you are having a great day and your post is just like my day, visitors.

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    1. Happy Birthday Elsie! Great to celebrate together! Think you’d like one of the cakes I pictured? I thought the Spam cake was hilarious! Have a wonderful time. We’re going to the Prairie music and food festival at the library. Fun!

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