Time to Write 200 Words

Two hundred words. . .could I try to explain what I’m feeling in two hundred words? I look at the blank space and think about topics–politics, weather, disaster, all prevalent in the world now. Should I expand on my thoughts of our current president and his faux pas in every aspect of his term so far? Fires, floods, earthquakes causing loss of life, all seemingly created by climate change as reported by scientists. What of these natural disasters and how will we learn to make changes because of them? All of these are relevant topics which have affected us all, but should I continue to write about it? I am sympathetic to a lot of causes, but is my opinion appropriate to express here?

I think it is. I think we all have the right to speak about how we feel on any subject. Voicing your thoughts helps. I may not be able to be beside the firefighter in Montana, or handing supplies out to survivors in Bangladesh, or Houston, or help shovel earth to reveal earthquake victims. I can’t physically be by these everyday heroes that find themselves unselfishly helping others. But I can appreciate them on my blog.

Time To Write: 200 Words


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