SYW September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day!  Hopefully it’s a non Labor Day for you, no chores, no job to attend.  I slept in, that is after a six am alert from my phone from Apple.  I ignored it, but like all alarms, once you’re awake, you’re awake!  I finally used a trick from an Android help site to fix the problem without having to do each app individually.  Learning as I go… usual.

Here is the Share Your World questions from this week.  Join in the fun!  

My answers this week are:

Navy blue is my goto color.  I love almost every color, but “my colors” are supposed to be Autumn hues.  I find Autumn in all things are innately chosen by me, whether furnishings, decorations, or clothing.

My favorite long time dog was a German Shepard-wolf mix. Newfoundland mix second.  I’ve had a purebred dachshund and shih tzu. I prefer mixed breeds.

Favorite flowers or plants:  Peonies, dahlias, violets, roses, Queen Anne’s lace.

Inspiration for the week was the strength and ability to overcome from flood victims all over the world.

I’m looking forward (not really) to a long overdue dentist appointment this week.😳😱😧🤤🤣

Share Your World – September 4, 2017


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