Daily Prompt:  Educate

Education means the same thing to most people:  

Cambridge dictionary

educate – verb [ T ] UK ​ /ˈedʒ.u.keɪt/ US ​ /ˈedʒ.ə.keɪt/

B2 to teach someone, especially using the formal system of school, college, or university

Google Dictionary




give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university.

synonyms: teach, school, tutor, instruct, coach, train, drill

provide or pay for instruction 

give (someone) training in or information on a particular field.

As I thought about educate I was reminded of the word propaganda.  Certain organizations from the 1600s on thought propaganda could or would “educate” others and persuade them to follow their cause.  I was going to use a photo as an example of propaganda here.  I googled to see how many posters were available to use.  For the most part I realized, when looking at them, was the huge amount of hatred they spew.  Educate yourself and take a look, see if you are as shocked as I was.



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Educate

  1. It’s amazing how propaganda and private agendas have affected and tainted valuable knowledge and learning about even the most basic and simple and important things. Like how the sugar industry affected our health by convincing us fat was the real villain when it came to diet and weight loss. Or all those horrible cases of eugenics studies trying to prove ‘scientifically’ why certain races were inferior to others. And nowadays I think it’s important that people should educate themselves on how to safely educate themselves. Learn to think critically, evaluate sources, and weed out biased and fake stories.

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  2. The best propaganda is very subtle and on the surface, true. Consider the anti-american propaganda in the middle east “Americans don’t even read the Quran, instead they read nothing but books about Witches and Wizards or Vampires.”
    Or the propaganda that’s true of a minority committing a crime but out of the larger context doesn’t serve to do anything but continue to feed a harmful stereotype.
    Even better, if news organizations or public servants are sensitive to that issue, they are a target for another type of new propaganda, the kind of criticism surrounding obama’s supposed lack of the use of the phrase “islamic terrorism”. It’s “PC crapola getting in the way of your perception of reality” for those kinds of people. Also the worst type of propaganda, the type that has a point – but also misses the point.

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