SYW August 28, 2017

This day I finally heard from my friends in Houston.  They have water up to their back door and it’s still raining.  They expect to be flooded since they live on the lake, their boat and dock destroyed. Please keep Houston people in your minds.  We lived through the last flood there and our son went downtown to help move people out of the hospital, carrying patients up stairs because the elevators were out.  I’m grateful they are okay and that Suze’s family are ok also.

Here is‘s Share Your World for today:

1.  A perfect day for me would be having my whole family together in one place.
2.  My favorite place in the whole world are the Rocky Mountains.  Their beauty is incomparable, imo.🌸
3.  I had two, Carol and Cricket.  They were sisters and we’ve been friends since we were three years old.
My inspiration for last week I wrote about in my blog, the action of firefighters, EMT and police personnel during the solar eclipse.
This week I am looking forward to seeing the rain stop in Texas, my friends and their families safe.

Share Your World – August 28, 2017


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