Let’s Talk About Drugs

Thought it might be time for another reminder …

The Bag Lady

I’m not a teacher and this is the last thing you’d want to hear from one, I’m sure. I am going to tell you my own experience with just one pain killer I’ve used for the many years of back and leg pain. Fentanyl. If you are thinking of using it, don’t. If your doctor prescribes it, tell him you want something else. Read the fact sheets I have added to this post, please!

I had two failed surgeries on my back in February and March 1999. The surgeon professed to be the best in Houston, and as you might know, Houston is famous for its medical center. After many years of pain, my friend begged me to go to this doctor and during the visit he assured me he could make me pain free. It was a miracle! I knew something was wrong when I woke up from the…

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