FFFPP 33 – 8-24-17

Saturday morning outside the bagel shop, Lucy saw someone admiring her new bicycle.

“There it is, isn’t it beautiful? It took a month’s pay, but it’s such a beauty! I work hard, play hard, and love to ride my bike to keep in shape. You might notice it is pretty plain as far as gear is concerned. No extra help to get you going along faster, you just use your legs, which I must say, mine look spectacular after using this for transportation. No treadmills or gyms for me, besides I couldn’t afford them.  

I saved my money for a long time to afford this little green luxury. Having complete control of my own transportation, I pay no cab fees, gas or oil expenses, and need not take well traveled, crowded routes. I spied this treasure on my way home from work one day, put ten dollars down and made continuing payments till she was all mine. Well it’s been nice talking to you my friend. Take my advice and get yourself one of these bikes.”  

Lucy hopped back on her bike, put her bagels in the basket and rode home. 



One thought on “FFFPP 33 – 8-24-17

  1. Good for Lucy. My daughter’s college friend has been riding his bike to work (8 miles each way) for 8-9 years, rain or shine! My daughter and son-in-law did that for a long while also. A healthy thing to do! Nice story!

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