Daily Prompt:  Synchronize

Four of the females in the family went to “Frozen” yesterday. It was based on the Disney movie with a few probably necessary changes for the stage musical. I was amazed at the special effects created on the small stage. My personal favorite was the initial freezing of the stage when Elsa discovers her ability.

The transformation of Elsa from a “regular” person to the sparkling beautiful ice queen required a spectacular transformation that was synchronized in a second. My eleven year old granddaughter asked me during the intermission how could it be done. 

My oldest son worked in a theater in Boston, New York and Houston, and built sets so we were privy to the machinations behind the scenes. Even the floors on stage are treated to create effects. I find it all fascinating. The “Frozen” production will go to Broadway after a few more weeks here in Denver. My far away four year old granddaughter might see it there, and be equally mesmerized.  Of course cameras etc were not allowed otherwise I would show you the transformation scenes here.  I looked on YouTube but their videos were not anywhere near as wonderful as the live production here, and it’s important to add the actors and singing were excellent here last night compared to any video I could find online.  Guess you’ll have to see it for yourselves!😉❄️


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    1. I was on this deserted parking lot that was smooth without a grade. It was after twelve am and we were just getting into our lot. I said I’ve got it so no one would push me. Tracey gave me a big push, so I just glided in the chair put my arms out and up and sang Let it Go! It was fun. They laughed. I try to surprise them once in a while.😂

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